In our first ever remote dialogue, Mpho invited her high school friend, Melissa Kabanguka, to discuss some of the reasons why gender-based violence is plaguing South Africa. This episode is the continuation of a discussion which started in episode sixteen, South Africa: Femicide.

Melissa Gaju Kabanguka, AKA ‘Only_Gaj’, ‘Daughter of the moon and child of mother nature’,  is a passionate East African creative, based in South Africa and proud founder of the YouTube web-series, MELisodes. Her work includes, modeling, photography, videography, spirituality and acting to say the least. She is a highly spiritual being who continues to learn and grow through the teachings of tarot and astrology. 

As a South African patriot, Mpho often uses her platforms to raise awareness on the increasing rate of femicide in the country. As a child who grew up observing domestic abuse and violence within her family and communities and then having experienced it herself, this topic is very near and dear to her heart. 

Kindly note that the episode may contain triggering content (emotional/trauma/etc). Please exercise caution when listening and if you feel it is not suitable for you then take sometime to care for yourself.  

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