In this episode we continue our conversation from episode seven with Lunga Ndlovu - father of three children, co-founder of the non profit organization, Ride Abuse and the director of Brave Works Concepts. 


Our conversation with Lunga details: 

  • The transition from being a regular cyclist to becoming an elite cyclist with business acumen. 
  • Balancing his dreams and passions for cycling while facing life's challenges such as the reality of not having an income and adequate sponsors. 
  • How he discusses and approaches gender-based violence instances affecting family members and friends.
  • The value of continuous self-introspection as a means to keep one's ego in check. 


If you would love to connect and collaborate with Lunga then you can reach out to him via:


Whatsapp: +27 63 862 1385 

Instagram: @lungavuyo  @rideabuse  @brave_works_cycle


We would love to continue our journey with you on social media so don't be shy to connect with us via: 

Instagram: @journeywithmpho

Twitter: @journeywithmpho


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