Words From My Heart

Our primary intention has always been to cultivate and share a positive space with and for you - family and friends alike. This episode is dedicated to the sole purpose of giving you a chance to breathe, connect within and use the this time to rejuvenate. 

At the rate that negative news has been spreading and fear-mongering tactics employed, Mpho made the decision to temporarily discontinue our involvement on social media platforms for 50 days. This social media cleanse will end on 7 May 2020. Please note, we will continue to regularly interview friends and release episodes. 

We also believe that our social media disconnection will allow us to continue to cultivate and share a positive space with and for you. Remember, you cannot give from an empty cup. 



To shop for Mpho's favorite African items, kindly visit https://www.journeywithmpho.com/africanjourneystore


When we are back on social media, connect with us via: 

Instagram: @journeywithmpho

Twitter: @journeywithmpho

Website: www.journeywithmpho.com

Provide feedback by emailing journeywithmpho@gmail.com 

And if you are interested in becoming a member of our Patreon family click here  to explore available opportunities. 

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